Knysna Fire Report, 14 August 2017

"The fire was started by human activity"

Clinton Manuel (Municipal Fire Chief, Knysna) has revealed on 14 August at a press briefing that the cause of the fire was as a consequence of human activity. Manuel concluded that the blaze was started by people who were trying to build a fire. Evidence to support the finding that the fires were man-made are pine cones stacked in the areas (used as fire lighters) and stacked materials like planks. There are no pine trees in that area - thus it was concluded that this material was brought into the area. Additional evidence included broken pottery, nails and other materials - indicating that humans were in those areas. Factors that cont ributed to the intense blaze are: drought, fuel, topography, berg winds and strong winds. For the detailed Technical Presentation please visit the official Kynsna website at:


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