Employment Equity

  • As a matter of good employment practice, the FPASA has for some time now, been an equal opportunities employer and has acknowledged and supported the need to develop and advance persons from previously disadvantaged groups. Our employment policy is about good employment practice and the effective and efficient use of staff. As a result, we will not discriminate on the grounds of sex, marital status, race or disability.
  • FPASA income has recently exceeded the turnover threshold as stated in Schedule 4 of the Employment Equity Act, No 55 of 1998. As a result the FPASA will develop and submit a suitable employment equity plan to the Employment Equity Registry of the Department of Labour. The plan will be reviewed and updated as and when deemed necessary and progress reports submitted as required by the Act.

Black Economic Empowerment

  • BEE was initially targeted at businesses wishing to supply goods and services to the public sector such as national, provincial and local government. However, the BEE Codes of Practice are now increasingly being applied by the private sector as part of their procurement policy. This trend is supported by the increase in the number of supplier evaluations received by the FPASA from both the public and private sector for inclusion on supplier databases. As a result the FPASA will ensure that the requirements of the BEE are adequately addressed.
  • The FPASA is a Qualifying Small Enterprise and will effectively address:
    • Four of the seven elements of the QSE scorecard.
    • Select a desired target procurement recognition level.
  • A preferential procurement contributor target of ‘Level 4’ is considered a reasonable benchmark for the FPASA.
  • A suitable BEE programme to support this policy will be implemented, and the necessary sections of the FPASA Management Operation Manual will be aligned with the policy. 



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